Pursuit of Excellence – Standard for Proper Exercise of Public Power

Savannaskills introduces a unique series of courses drawn from Constitutional Law and Administrative law.  Courses that impact all areas of your immigration advisory and consultation work.  Improve your competence today by registering!

Course Description

  • This series is designed to:
    • Provide insights into legal principles dictating the proper exercise of public power by administrative decision makers in Provincial and Federal Governments.  Familiar federal departments include:
      • Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship
      • Canada Border Services Agency; and
      • Employment and Social Development Canada (partly now Employment, Workforce Development and Labour)
    • Adopt case law analytical approach to teach the content
    • Support participants in drafting well informed submissions
  • This particular course in the series is focus on administrative law limitations, specifically procedural fairness and the required standard of:
    • The right to be heard (audi alteram partem)
    • The right to an independent and impartial hearing (nemo judex in sua causa)
  • Case to be analyzed :  R v. Appulonappa, 2015 SCC 59

Learning Objective:

  • Write with an awareness of the limitations on Administrative Decision Making
  • Discover how immigration controversies or disputes were decided by the Courts
  • Gain insights on how to use these to augment the persuasive effects of your submission
  • Improve your ability to make connections between the facts and the law.

Date: Choose one: Thursday, February 18 or  Saturday February 27

Duration: 3hrs 30 minues

Time: 9.30a.m -13.00pm Eastern Time on both days

Format:  Webinar – 30 places per session

Price: $150 (non-member); $120 (with Impact Membership)

3.5 ICCRC CPD Points Approved!

Thursday February 18 or Saturday February 27

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Standard for the Proper Exercise of Public Power designed specifically for the benefit of RCIC by an RCIC, Ufuoma Odebala-Fregene, for our collective learning experience.  For her bio see