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The outcome of what we do is more than providing opportunities for Africans to improve their skills and earn a living wage, we transforms lives!

Our Mission is to alleviate poverty in African countries by connecting, engaging and empowering towards achieving MDGs relating to alleviating extreme poverty, gender equality and encouraging global participations. We connect Africans to international opportunities, whilst building trust between them and other countries. Our programs are designed to increase their ability overtime to be in a position to send social and monetary remittance home for the support of their families and their respective communities through increased exposure to quality jobs and disposable income.

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Spotlighting our Partners

Our stakeholder engagements are based on mutual goals and synergy with our Mission and Values to create maximum impact, resulting in accrued benefits such as lower recruitment and immigration costs for our employer partners; enhanced sense of community and personal advancement for diaspora stakeholders and increased access to international opportunities as well as lower immigration and settlement cost for African immigrants.

  • Founder's Story: In Brief

    Ufuoma was driven to set up Savanna Skills as a result of professonal and personal experiences as an African in diaspora. The ongoing United Nations debate on including migration as part of the post 2015 development goals, caused her to pause and reflect on her personal experiences. The mounting evidence in support of its inclusion include the development impact of monetary and social remittance by those in diaspora to the economies of developing countries. It has been noted that these are increasing exponentially and that just the monetary remittance is now outpacing foreign aid in a number of these countries. These ignited her passion to act...She is now inviting you to act to multiply the effort for maximum impact

  • Reez Integrated Immigration Solutions

    For providing in-residence consultations services on Canadian immigration and in-demand job opportunities linked to personal and career management solutions. Thank you! For more details about Reez visit

What We Do

Changing the World one Immigrant at a Time!

We work collaboratively with various stakeholders to provide facilitative services such as international recruitment, immigraiton consultancy, life and career planning and diaspora engagement to enable increased African student and labour mobility with a view to alleviating poverty. Additionally, the activities of Savanna Skills comprises of capacity building services such as networking opportunities, research and information services, advocacy, training programs, professonal development.