Women for Policy Dialogue

Women for Policy Dialogue

“Activism for Inclusive Policy Making! …because it’s 2016”


Women for Policy Dialogue (W4PD) is multi-partisan initiative of Savanna Skills , an Alberta registered non-profit.  It is a participatory, inclusive and accountable initiative intended to leverage women’s insights for improved policy development and implementation.  This initiative seek to adopt an inclusive feminist approach to giving voice to the interests and concerns of women by complementary use of research and dialogue.

Consequently, our agenda will be informed by the emerging interests of participants.  As such expected to focus on key concerns, contemporary developments and anticipated future trends at national, provincial and municipal levels.


Our purpose is to advance inclusive feminist perspective in policy development and implementation drawing on research and dialogue geared to support good governance, sound economic management and the interests of marginalized groups in society.


Our aims are to:

  1. Give voice to the interests and concerns of women of different demographic and racial groupings by complementary use of research and dialogue.
  2. Harness the strengths and talents of each participant.
  3. Improve policy development and implementation, resulting in policies that addresses priority societal needs inclusively.

Women for Inclusive Policy Dialogue will undertake its work as activism for inclusive policy making by:

  1. Providing a dialogue platform that fosters constructive engagement, enables informed exchanges of views and draws specific recommendations for inputs into policy making process.
  2. Acting as opinion leaders bringing inclusive feminist perspective on key national, provincial and municipal issues into public discourse.
  3. Addressing women’s under-representation in politics through inspiration gained from our collaborative involvement and engagement in activism for inclusive policy making.
  4. Organizing research-related capacity building courses and workshops on critical issues
  5. Communicating and implementing W4PD’s goals and activities.

Include feminist perspective,

engage a community, society and country!


Call to Action:


Do you feel that the democratic process reflect your views?

Do you have ongoing concerns about government policies that you want amended or changed?

We might be able to help you.

Come gain from the power of women working together to make a difference in our lives.

We are recruiting interested women to get involved with this exciting initiative.  Cost is limited to $60 annual membership fee plus contributions to pay for hosting dialogues at a public location such as a hotel and refreshment.

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